Cash Back REALTOR®

Qualify For Our Buyer Program

You can qualify for a 50% Buyer Commission Rebate when you work exclusively with our cash back real estate agent to buy your next home. You will get full buyer representation until closing day.

50% Of Agent's Commission Rebated Back To Buyer

Technology has changed how information flows to the end consumer. Our home buying service has been designed for buyers who want to be more proactive in the process of finding their dream home.

Qualify for Buyer Rebate

We will meet with you to discuss the program. All details of the cash back rebate will be reduced to writing.

Find Your Dream Home

We will work together to find your dream home, and negotiate an offer, while providing full representation.

Cash Rebate At Closing

Once the deal is closed, and we receive commission from the seller brokerage , you will get your rebate.

Cash Back Buyer Process: Examples

Every buyer situation is unique. However, our Buyer Rebate Program follows basic principles which can easily be illustrated by examples of typical transactions in todays market.

Case #1: First Time Buyer Looking For A Townhouse

A first time buyer was looking to buy a townhouse in the Hamilton area. They had been looking for a while on their own, and knew the neighbourhood they wanted to live in. They were excited to work with our team because they had no furniture, and the cash back rebate, would help them furnish their entire home.

After 1 month of looking, they purchased a freehold townhouse. The purchase price was $875,000 with 2 months closing.

Here is a summary,

  • Purchase Price: $875,000
  • Closing: 2 months
  • Conditions: Financing, Inspection
  • Cooperating Commission: 2%

Cash Back Rebate = $8,750 

Once the transaction closed, and the buyer moved in, it took another week for the commission to be paid from the seller brokerage to the buyer brokerage, at which time a bank draft for $8,750 was prepared and delivered to the happy buyer.

Case #2: Retired Couple Looking To Downsize

A couple who wanted to downsize, planned to list their 2 storey home, and then buy a bungalow This would allow them to be mortgage free. Due to the current market conditions, it made more sense to sell first, then buy. Once their home went firm, we began to focus on finding the right home for them.

We had already began looking at homes, while their home was listed, which helped expedite the process. Within 2 weeks, we were able to find a suitable bungalow that checked all the boxes on their wish list.

Here is a summary,

  • Purchase Price: $1.150,000
  • Closing: 2.5 months
  • Conditions: Financing, Inspection
  • Cooperating Commission: 2.5%

Cash Back Rebate = $14,375

The transaction closed on time. Our brokerage received the commission check two weeks later, and a bank draft for $14,375 was prepared and delivered to the happy buyer.

*  these scenarios are based on real life transactions, certain aspects have been modified to ensure privacy.

Find A Cash Back Realtor Near Me

Martin Smith is an experienced Realtor with more than 200 transactions to date. He will be more than happy to explain the Home Buyer Rebate Program to you in detail.

Cash Back Rebate Program: Facts And Requirements

If you are thinking of selling your cashback, one of our low commission real estate agents is available to help you across the Greater Toronto / Hamilton area (GTHA). If you do not see you’re community on this list,  let us know as we are looking to add more areas in the near future.

What is the Cash Back Buyer Rebate formula?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The cash back is calculated by multiplying 50% times the cooperating commission times the final selling price.

Who Pays the Buyer Commission?

​​​​​​​The Seller Brokerage offers a cooperating commission to the Buyer Brokerage which is used to pay the Buyer Agent.

What Type of Properties are Eligible for the Rebate?

​​​​​​​Most MLS® listed residential properties including detached homes, townhouses, and condominiums are eligible.

Do I Have To Sign An Agreement to be Eligible?​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​A buyer must have a written agreement with my team outlining the details of the rebate. No agreement = no rebate.

Buyer Representation with Full Service

​​​​​​​When you work with our team you will be professionally represented with all the services you will receive outlined in writing.

Mortgage Pre-Approval Is Essential

​​​​​​​It would make sense that before you begin your home search, you would need to know how much mortgage you qualify for.

Do You Work With Real Estate Investors?

​​​​​​​We prefer to work with motivated buyers who are ready to buy, and planning to move in to their dream home.

MLS® Listings For Sale In Your Inbox In Real Time

We will set you up on our auto email notification system to ensure you get all the listings meeting your search criteria.

What If I'm Already Working With an Agent?

​​​​​​​You must be exclusively working with our team. If you are under contract with another brokerage, you will not be eliglible.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Rebate Check?

You will receive your buyer rebate check within approximately 2 weeks after the successful closing of the transaction.

Properties Listed With Our Brokerage Do Not Qualify?

Our listings do not qualify for the program, to avoid potential conflicts with buyers working with an outside brokerage.

You Will Be Working With An Experienced REALTOR®

Don't worry about settling for a novice agent to get a rebate. I'm a seasoned agent with over 200 transactions to date.


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